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Clubs and Off-Day Electives

We have a lot to offer at The King’s Academy, and we hope you will take advantage of these opportunities. Most of our club activities occur on Thursday Club Days at the main campus, but some accredited classes meet weekly and some classes meet in the high school building. Please contact the sponsors listed for additional information. Click on the Club and Lab Day review calendar dates for the current school year.

Science Lab

Science Labs are a mandatory requirement for high school science courses. These classes are held every other Thursday at the high school building.

Math Lab

Math Labs are not mandatory but highly encouraged, especially for high school math classes and for students who may not be mathematically inclined. No new material is taught at Math labs; these instruction periods are used as reinforcement for the week’s lesson or to help students who may be struggling with a particular concept. Math labs are held every Thursday.

Spanish Lab

Our Spanish faculty also offers lab sessions on Thursdays.