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A basic requirement for any school that desires to be an outstanding academic institution is an outstanding group of faculty members. You cannot have one without the other. As a Protestant Christian school, our goal is both to achieve academic excellence and to apply God’s truths, as recorded in the Scripture, to all areas of learning. Therefore, our faculty must not only hold to the truths of the Protestant Christian faith, but also be able to communicate them and to live them out before their students. Because we realize the importance of maintaining high academic standards in a true Protestant Christian context, we are committed to recruiting the finest teachers possible. All of our staff members are in regular attendance at the church of their choice, and share in the vision of providing a genuine Protestant Christian environment for our students. Our teachers are employed on a part-time basis and generally work an average of 4-10 hours per week.

To apply for a teaching position at The King's Academy, please click here.