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The King’s Academy tries to keep costs as low as possible as we do not want finances to prevent any interested students from applying to and attending our school. Because the yearly budget is based on the total number of students enrolled, parents are expected to commit to the program for the entire year, August through May. A withdrawal fee equal to a full year's tuition will be charged once the first tuition date has passed.

Exceptions will be made for families experiencing death in their immediate family, loss of work, or job transfer out of the area. No exceptions will be made for transferring students to either public or other private schools.

2021-2022 Tuition and Fees


Yearly Tuition**

Semester Plan

9 Month Payment Plan





















Additional fees include a non-refundable enrollment fee of $400 and a $55 supply fee. The re-enrollment fee for current families is $350. Please note that the enrollment fee increases to $500 after May 21.

*Senior tuition rates are a minimum for students taking 3 or fewer classes. Additional tuition will be charged for additional classes.

** Families that pay on the yearly plan receive a 5% discount.

Sibling Discount

Additional students in one family receive a $225/year discount for the 1st sibling, $450/year discount for the second sibling, and $625/year discount for the 3rd or more.
NOTE: The above costs include ALL textbooks. Additional students in one family receive a $25 per month discount for the second student, $50 for the third, and $75 for the fourth or more.
Other Fees: The $55 supply fee per student covers art, science, and miscellaneous supplies. This fee is due with your first tuition payment.
Senior Tuition: All seniors pay a minimum of $2700/year in tuition, with additional tuition charged for students taking more than 3 classes resulting in total yearly tuition being no more than $4590.00

The Georgia Path2College 529 Plan

The popular savings vehicle for college expenses, the Georgia Path2College 529 Plan, now includes benefits for children in K-12 grade private schools. TKA accepts tuition payments from this plan. Please contact your 529 plan provider for details on this process. For additional details about Georgia’s 529 Plan, please visit