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The Kings Academy Knights Battalion is the first and only homeschool JROTC program in the nation. Our commitment to excellence and leadership sets us apart. We teach our cadets community service, academic excellence, and leadership. We host information meetings throughout the year for prospective families and returning families and cadets. The JROTC mission is to motivate young people to become better citizens. Within this context, our goal is to make your student as successful as possible as a high school student and future adult citizen of our country.  It is not the intent of JROTC nor is it my mission to recruit your child for future military service; however, several students have chosen this noble and rewarding path following graduation from high school. Your student will be challenged intellectually, physically and morally within the JROTC curriculum. Augmenting the JROTC curriculum are various special-teams in which your child may participate. These include the Raider team, color guard, Cyber-Patriot team, rifle team, and more. We round out the program with fun activities such as field trips to various Atlanta metro locations, formal JROTC ball, and an awards ceremony. For those JROTC students and their parents who feel that future military service is a possibility, College ROTC is available with the opportunity to receive a fully-funded 4-year scholarship if qualified.  Since inception many of our cadets have received full four-year scholarships. If you are interested in finding out more, check out our social media page and feel free to contact us!