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Code of Conduct

Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right. (Proverbs 20:11). 

The purpose of The King's Academy’s Code of Conduct is to promote a Christ-like attitude in its learning environment and to encourage the development of positive Christian relationships among its students. Therefore, it is important that specific guidelines regarding behavior while attending King's be set. Parents are primarily responsible for dealing with discipline and will be notified if their child is experiencing behavior problems while at school.  Please know that our staff is instructed to handle children with love and respect.  We emphasize that students are still in training and that we as adults stand in equal need of God’s love and grace.

We have found the methods outlined in Your Christian School: A Culture of Grace to be a very biblical and highly effective way to approach behavior issues at our school.  We agree with author and lecturer Paul Tripp that:

"Christian education is war, but not a war between teacher and student. All these struggles are the fruit of a deeper struggle - the war for the heart. God loves these children and wants to rule their heart, so He placed them in an environment where they can be shown the love of their Redeemer. Teachers, administrators, and staff are the tools for this love."

We consider it a privilege to walk with students through their formative years, and we stand ready to partner parents through the joys and trials of raising children to Christian maturity.


In grades K - 3, behavior issues are handled by individual teachers and assistants within the classroom. In grades 4 and up, demerits are used to keep track of disciplinary offenses that are categorized by degree and consequence.  Parents are notified via email when a student has received a demerit at school and a record is kept in the RenWeb/Facts database and available for parents to view