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The King's Academy was established in 1999 by a Board of Trustees consisting of three protestant Christian couples: Tom and Kristi Brannen, Wes and Jane Cantrell, and Allen and Jamey Wood. This effort was launched in order to provide a new approach to education. TKA rented church facilities in Marietta for the first year of operation, and then moved to its present location at the beginning of the 2000-01 school year. By the spring of 2002, the Lord miraculously provided funds for the purchase of the property. Due to exceptional growth over the next few years, a second school session was added in the fall of 2006. In November 2011, TKA purchased over eight acres immediately east of our property including the 14,000 square foot Stonecrest church building. Our high school program was moved to the Stonecrest facility in the fall of 2012. In 2015, we marked a milestone by achieving accreditation with the world’s largest accrediting body, Cognia (parent organization of SACS). God’s hand of blessing has been evident at every turn in the history of our school. We can’t wait to see what else He has in store!

The King's Academy was designed as a parent-led education model, the foundation of which starts with parents who take responsibility for their children’s education. We are a private covenant-based school with a rigorous college preparatory curriculum. Our unique model offers quality instruction and parent (co-teacher) involvement in academics, with a hybrid model requiring 30 hours of instruction weekly. A minimum of twelve hours is spent on campus, with the remaining hours completed between the school campus and satellite locations under the co-teacher’s supervision. The King’s Academy provides the curriculum and instruction in each location. Teachers partner with parents to develop the whole child--academically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Low student-teacher ratios allow for more individual attention to be given to all students.

Below is a brief video of the history of TKA up until 2013. While much has happened since the filming of this video, including bringing our athletic department in house and changing our classification to an accredited private school, it will provide you a glimpse into the history, heart, and foundation of our wonderful school.