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At The King's Academy, we work diligently to provide our students with the best educational opportunities. Our goal is to equip homeschooling families with academic courses. We are a college preparatory program that prepares our students to enter college successfully.

First and foremost we align ourselves to Scripture. We are a body of believers that endeavor to educate with Protestant Christian values. We would never compromise in this area.

In the 21st century, it is necessary to educate ourselves about the quality of instruction necessary in order for our students to be competitive upon graduation. Some of our curriculum is aligned to the Common Core Standards, and some is not. We choose our curriculum on merit alone, not by association with a particular program. We do appreciate some of the higher level thinking skills emphasized in the core, but we have the freedom to choose what is "best" from any curriculum. We strive to utilize the best theory and practice to educate our students with a Protestant Christian World View.


  • Kindergarten - BJU Press
  • 1st - 5th: Everyday Math
  • 6th - 7th Big Ideas math
  • 8th - 12th HMH and Pearson Math


  • K - 7th: Teacher created and ACSI textbooks
  • 8th - 11th: BJU Press
  • 12th: Pearson


  • K-5 - Gospel Project Curriculum (Understanding the stories of Scripture) 
  • 6-8 - Gospel Project Curriculum (Connecting the big story of Scripture together.) 
  • 9th - New Testament Interpretation and Basic Hermeneutics 
  • 10th - Old Testament Interpretation and Ethics 
  • 11th - Theology (Articulating a biblical worldview)
  • 12th - Philosophy (Defending a biblical worldview)


K - 12th History is a blend of teacher created materials and BJU Press curriculum.


English Language Arts

  • K - 5th is a blend of teacher created materials as well as materials from BJU Press, Engage reading and phonics, and Grammar Workshop materials. 
  • 6th - 8th: Focuses on novel studies, composition, and the application of grammar. Novels are subject to change year by year as curriculum is updated and adjusted. 
  • 9th - 12th Utilizes Pearson materials taught from a Biblical worldview. Additionally, teacher created materials are used. Composition is also a second course.

Foreign Language

  • Teacher created materials are utilized from grades K - 5.
  • A variety of Spanish resources are used along with Voces, Descubre, and Santillana curriculum for grades 6th - 12th.