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Kristi Brannen

Head of School

Lynn Sanders

Lower School Principal, Grades K-8

Sandra Breaden

Student Programs Director

Jamey Wood

Academic Dean & Business Officer

Angela Crevar

Principal, Grades 9-12

Ty Faulk

Dean of Spiritual Development & Instructional Support


Chris Camp

Facilities & Athletic Director

Leslie Millett

Director of Admissions

Department Heads

Nancy Brannon


Melissa Duplechien


Lynn Sanders


Angela Crevar

Careers & Technology

Anna Johnson

Social Studies

Ty Faulk

Bible and Philosophy

Angela Drury

Language Arts

Damaris McClure


Jamey Wood

Fine Arts

Board of Directors

The King’s Academy Board of Directors consists of the 6 founding members. They are from a variety of professions and from various evangelical churches in the community. Their purpose is to set broad policies, protect the vision of the school, establish annual budgets, and plan for future growth.

School Board

The School Board consists of 12 individuals from varied backgrounds and denominations who have been active in The King’s Academy since its inception. Their purpose is to provide day-to-day oversight and to employ personnel. Parents are encouraged to serve on various committees that advise the Board.