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The King's Academy primarily awards financial aid through the SSO Apogee Scholarship Program. Funds are available for students entering grades K-12.

The King’s Academy considers applications for financial assistance from families who demonstrate financial need. However, there is limited financial aid available. (All families must pay a portion of the tuition).

Those experiencing monetary hardship that wish to be considered for financial assistance should complete the scholarship application below. Information submitted in financial aid documents is held in the strictest confidence.

Scholarship recipients are required to meet certain requirements to be eligible to receive an Apogee Scholarship.

Apogee recipients can enter the scholarship program in Kindergarten, 1st grade, or in their first year of enrollment at TKA. Once you receive an Apogee or SSO Scholarship award, you can apply to receive additional financial awards each year until the student graduates high school. Existing students in 2nd - 12th grade who have not previously received an SSO scholarship are not eligible to apply for Apogee.

Below are the ways that scholarship recipients can be eligible to receive an award at TKA:

  • Previously received an SSO Scholarship (Apogee or other SSO Scholarship from another private school)
  • Eligible to enroll in a public Pre-K, Kindergarten, or 1st Grade
  • Coming from a public school to a private school for the first time
  • Coming from a home-school (1 year min) or charter school environment for the first time
  • Attended a minimum of 45 days of public school prior to enrolling at a qualified private school
  • Has evidence of a documented case of bullying in the public school system
  • Districted for a failing public school as defined by the Governor's Office of Student Achievement (Failing school criteria and list).

If you have any questions about these requirements or any other admissions related questions, please email us at

Applicants will receive their scholarship award letter by the end of April.